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Fostering a Global Consciousness of Oneness
Indigenous Cultures
Nurturing the Inner Life

Artship Foundation - San Francisco, CA
The Artship Foundation is a community of performing artists committed to the co-creation of an artistic process that births original, mythic work from communal intuitive depths. The ensemble's creative process or "art practice" is the central work of Artship. Themes draw on questions of identity, rootedness, community, and place in contemporary life. Kalliopeia supports the ensemble's production of Stories Without Words, an evening of telling, singing, playing, and giving voice and image to originally created or retold short stories.

An intimate portrait of ex-Yugoslavian émigré artist Slobodan Dan Paich, "Silent Crescendo" follows his daily ritual of creating simple drawings with tea and ink. In response to the modern pace of the art scene, Slobodan has embraced these fluid works of art to express his searching approach.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies - Oakland, CA
The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) is a network of entrepreneurs and investors who share a vision of a life-giving economic framework that connects people to one another, the natural world, and to their own deeper calling. By driving new investment, scaling solutions, and harnessing the power of local business, BALLE seeks to catalyze and connect networks, and build inclusive, resilient, and living local economies.

Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association - Milwaukee, WI
BFGA is dedicated to the flourishing of Biodynamics - i.e. a spiritual, ethical, and ecological approach to agriculture, food production, and nutrition that focuses on creating diversified, balanced farm ecosystems. With careful attention to the subtle influences of soil, animals, water, earth, and cosmos, Biodynamics reconnects human life to elemental and cosmic rhythms, renewing the sacred dimension of agriculture and regenerating ecosystems and cultures eroded by a mechanized worldview.
See a recent issue of the Biodynamics Journal: Is Agriculture Sacred?

Bioneers (Collective Heritage Institute) - Santa Fe, NM
Bioneers is a social and strategic hub for engaged citizens from all backgrounds and fields dedicated to solving urgent global problems within a holistic framework of interdependence. In its annual conference, Bioneers brings together leading-edge innovators to share solutions to environmental and social challenges, all based on the premise that nature's principles can serve as metaphoric guideposts for organizing an equitable, compassionate, and democratic society.

California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture - Hesperia, CA
Cal-Earth is dedicated to research and dissemination of simple, sustainable, and widely replicable earth building technologies for the benefit of humankind. Cal-Earth's primary initiative is to promote the philosophy and use of Superadobe, a technology developed by visionary architect Nader Khalili (1936 - 2008) who was inspired by the mystical poetry of Rumi to seek the equilibrium of earth, water, air, fire, and to unite them in design in service of beauty and human need. Cal-Earth's mission is guided by three principles: (1) shelter is a basic human right, (2) every human being should be able to build a house for him or herself, and (3) the best way to provide shelter for the exponentially increasing human population is by building with earth.

Center for Action and Contemplation - Albuquerque, NM
The Center for Action and Contemplation seeks to empower individuals to "live out their sacred soul tasks in service to the world" in their homes, workplaces, and all relationships, within a more spacious stance that is at once critical, collaborative, and joyful. Based on the writings and teachings of Fr. Richard Rohr, CAC offers a variety of educational and resources that integrate the theory and practice of the Franciscan mystical tradition. Kalliopeia provides support for The Living School, a course of intensive contemplative study taught by extraordinary teachers who lift up the techniques and traditions of mystical Christianity for students whose dedication to positive change in the world is based in awareness of our common union with the Divine and with all beings.
Watch the short film Dualism and Identity.

Center for Earth Jurisprudence - Miami Gardens, FL
(Fiscal Sponsor: St. Thomas University)
The mission of The Center for Earth Jurisprudence is to advance legal principles, laws, and governance that support and protect the health and well-being of all beings and ecosystems that constitute the natural world. Based on the premise that a transformation of legal thinking is required to extend "appropriate consideration to the intrinsic, spiritual value of the Earth," the CEJ seeks to develop a philosophy and practice of law that respects the natural world in its own right and recognizes humanity as an integral member of the Earth community. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the CEJ works to extend legal protection to all human and non-human members of the Earth community, including the rights of future generations.

Center for Partnership Studies - Carmel, CA
Kalliopeia provides project support for the Alliance for a Caring Economy (ACE) Campaign, which works for a more just and prosperous world by redefining economic "productivity" to include the crucial work of caring and caregiving. Working with representatives from government, business, academia, and civil society, ACE innovates economic rules, measures, and policies that recognize the real value of caring – whether in market or nonmarket sectors, whether performed by women or men – to develop more caring policies and practices for our schools, workplaces, families, and environment.
Watch a Global Oneness Project interview with Riane Eisler, founder of the Center for Partnership Studies.
"Building Cultures of Peace" an article by Riane Eisler in Yes! Magazine.

Center for Whole Communities - Fayston, VT
Center for Whole Communities (CWC) seeks to create a more just, balanced, and healthy world by deepening the connections between land, people, and community. Understanding that fragmentation between social justice and environmental conservation movements limit the success of both, CWC works toward a new land movement that integrates conservation, health, justice, spirit, and relationship. Kalliopeia provides project support for the Whole Thinking Program, which convenes nonprofit leaders from a wide variety of social, climate, land, and water issues for intensive weeklong retreats designed to build a more connected, effective, and resilient network of leaders in the movements for social and environmental change.
Link to the site Whole Measures.
Download a pdf of "What is a Whole Community," by Peter Forbes.

Crystal Spring Center for Earth Learning - Plainville, MA
Rooted in the understanding that the Earth is the primary revelation of the divine, Religious Lands Conservancy Project (RLCP) aims to safeguard the heritage of waning contemplative communities by converting their considerable land holdings into sanctuaries of ecological diversity and nature connection. Kalliopeia provides support for RLCP to help US monasteries and convents develop consensus about the spiritual and ethical basis for conservation of their land, and in collaboration with land trusts, assist communities in choosing whether to pursue a legacy of conservation.

Cultural and Educational Media Productions - Sausalito, CA
CEM Productions is a nonprofit film and video production and consultation group that uses film, video, and television technologies to promote new understanding, awareness and tolerance between peoples, cultures, nations, and faiths. Kalliopeia provides support for the Global Spirit "internal travel" series that investigates the most urgent existential, philosophical, and spiritual issues of the 21st century. Each Global Spirit program highlights the trans-cultural, transcendent dimensions of human inquiry, from the ancient or indigenous wisdom traditions to the latest advances in scientific knowledge.

Daily Acts - Petaluma, CA
Daily Acts is a community-based sustainability education network grounded in the principle that simple, mindful choices enrich our lives and world. Guided by a vision of a healthy, just and reverent culture, Daily Acts creates media, initiates and implements models of regenerative design in local communities, builds networks, and provides hands-on education. By sharing the powerful relationships, skills, and tools needed to create healthy lives and resilient communities, Daily Acts empowers citizens, strengthens leaders, and cultivates local self-reliance – all with a focus on the power of gratitude and mindful choice.

DreamWeather Foundation - Sebastopol, CA
DreamWeather Foundation is dedicated to exploring and celebrating the unique strengths of feminine spirituality. DreamWeather believes that women's unique spiritual capacities contain the wisdom of healing, interconnectedness, and transformation so profoundly needed by the world. Through workshops, retreats, and conferences around the country that provide time for women to gather, share dreams, meditate, and listen to the guidance of the heart, DreamWeather seeks to nourish feminine spiritual capacities for the good of the whole.

Earth Charter International - San Jose, Costa Rica
(Grant to Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor's "Earth Charter Fund")
The Earth Charter International (ECI) is dedicated to promoting the Earth Charter, a declaration of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the human family. Developed through a unique decade long, cross-cultural, participatory drafting process, the Earth Charter articulates fundamental ethical principles for building a just global society. ECI stimulates and coordinates international grassroots activity around the charter, generates commentary and advocacy from global thought leaders, and works toward the charter's adoption as a UN declaration.

East Bay Meditation Center - Oakland, CA
Founded in a celebration of diversity, the East Bay Meditation Center's mission is to foster liberation, personal and interpersonal healing, social action, and inclusive community building. EBMC offers mindfulness practices and teachings on wisdom and compassion from Buddhist and other spiritual traditions, with a profound commitment to diversity and welcoming all who seek to cultivate equanimity and happiness.

Genesis Farm - Blairstown, NJ
Genesis Farm is a learning center for Earth studies, focusing on the interrelationships between the health of our global commons – air, water, land, and nature – and the health of our local communities and bioregions. Rooted in Thomas Berry's cosmology that reverences Earth as a primary revelation of the divine, Genesis Farm offers a variety of programs and academic credit for graduate courses in "Earth Literacy" – an exploration of the mysterious unity and relationships binding Earth and all of life together within the unfolding of a single, living Universe. Kalliopeia provides general support and project support for Genesis Farms' Transition Towns Initiative.
Sister Miriam MacGillis Introduces Cosmology at Seven Pillars' Inauguration (Video)

Global Peace Initiative of Women - New York, NY
Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) was founded to help awaken and mobilize spiritual energies in places of great need with the goal of aiding in healing and unifying the world community. Under the stewardship of a group of women spiritual leaders and practitioners, GPIW gathers women and men of great insight, compassion, and dedication, many of whom are working quietly for the upliftment of the world. A major focus of GPIW's work is to aid in building a global network of contemplative leaders who through their inner work can help transform the causes and conditions that lead to suffering at both the individual and collective level. Kalliopeia recently provided project support for A Spiritual Narrative for the 21st Century: Becoming a Sacred Earth Community, to be held in New York City, and for Balancing Material and Spiritual Development, a conference to be held in Bhutan.
Report on the Sufi-Yogi Dialogue by Dena Merriam

Global Systems Initiatives - Rockville, MD
(Fiscal Sponsor: Institute for Multitrack Diplomacy)
Global Systems Initiatives brings the principles and perspective of systems thinking – i.e. the observation and understanding of a whole system and its complex dynamics as opposed to its individual parts – to policy-making, international conflict resolution and climate change challenges.Systems thinking acknowledges that we live in an age of dynamic interdependence, and recognizes that solutions to "intractable" global problems can be found by understanding how systems function in nature. Kalliopeia provided project support for the Simple Rules of Systems Thinking for Complex Global Issues as well as the Breakthrough Initiative, which tests the hypothesis that when whole systems are in distress, the application of whole systems thinking can generate breakthrough results.
Download a pdf of: "A Systems Approach to Peacebuilding" an article by Louise Diamond.
Read The Global Systems Review a periodic e-newsletter that explores critical world issues through the lens of whole systems thinking.

Green Mountain Monastery - Greensboro, VT
Green Mountain Monastery is home to a community of Benedictine sisters dedicated to celebrating Earth as a sacred community. Inspired by mentor and co-founder Thomas Berry, the sisters engage their ancient monastic lineage with the emerging "planetary phase" of religion that understands the Earth as the immediate place in which the Divine is revealed. Kalliopeia provides project support for Monastic Wisdom: Sharing the Gift, which invites diverse groups of lay women to participate in the monastic wisdom of prayer, silence, simplicity, labor, farming, and arts within this expanded sense of the sacred.
Read "Discovering the Divine Within the Universe," an article by Gail Worcelo, CP, in EarthLight, The Magazine of Spiritual Ecology.
Watch a vimeo about the Green Mountain Monastery: "The Evolving Nuns"

Hawthorne Valley Association - Ghent, NY
Hawthorne Valley Association is a unique fusion of agriculture, education, economic and ecological research, and artistic endeavors, all of which are anchored by an extraordinary Biodynamic farm and community. Kalliopeia provides support for the Farmscape Ecology Program, which is dedicated to increasing love and knowledge of place by telling the stories of human activity on the local landscape, and understanding the effects humans and land have on one another. Kalliopeia also provides support for the Farm Learning Center, which is dedicated to bringing about a new paradigm for sustainable agriculture. The Center teaches sustainable farming, offers apprenticeships, conducts research, networks with sustainable farmers, and is developing a pilot project called The Institute for Contemplative Agriculture. The Institute will offer training in practical as well as inner skills of farming, and seeks to bring forward the dimensions of deep ecology, cosmology, and contemplative practice in the emerging narrative around the future of farming.

Institute for Jewish Spirituality - New York, NY
Through retreat-based leadership programs, the IJS works with rabbis, cantors, educators, and lay leaders to nurture and disseminate through mainstream Jewish institutions the stream of contemplative Judaism. The IJS uses a participatory model to teach Torah study, prayer, yoga, meditation, spiritual direction, and retreat, with the goal of enriching the inner lives of Jewish leaders, revitalizing the Jewish wisdom tradition, and connecting the search for inner wholeness with social and environmental activism.
Listen to "Spirituality in Daily Life"a series of IJS podcasts.

Joanna Macy Intensives: The Work that Reconnects - Oakland, CA
(Fiscal sponsor: Terra Foundation)
The Work that Reconnects (WTR) is a powerful set of community practices developed by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy. WTR provides a structure and skillful process for groups to engage with the emotions of grief, despair, and anger that accompany these difficult times, even as it awakens and enlivens our innate connections with one another and with the self-healing powers in the web of life. WTR experiential trainings teach a series of contemplative exercises and rituals that stir gratitude for life, honor felt pain for the present state of the world, and reconnect hearts to the Earth community with a deeper and impassioned commitment to healing. Kalliopeia provides scholarship support for young leaders of diverse backgrounds to attend WTR trainings.
Watch the Bioneers talk by Joanna Macy on the gifts of uncertainty.
Watch the Global Oneness Project interview with Joanna Macy.

Journey of the Universe Project - Woodbridge, CT
(Fiscal sponsor: Thomas Berry Foundation)
Kalliopeia provides support for the Journey of the Universe educational project which tells the 14 billion year story of cosmic, planetary, biological, and cultural emergence. By integrating humanity's best scientific understanding of the universe's birth with narrative form, Journey of the Universe contextualizes life on earth in an awe-inspiring cosmic process — bridging the divide between sacred and secular and providing an inspiring, scientific, and humanistic context to respond to the current environmental crisis.
"Singing to the Dawn: Thomas Berry on our Broken Connection to the Natural World," "The Sun," Issue 317.

Karina Films - Berkeley, CA
(Fiscal Sponsor: Center for Independent Documentary)
Kalliopeia provided support for the forthcoming feature film Finding the Gold Within, which follows six young African-American men who are alumni of Alchemy, Inc., a mythologically-based mentoring program in Akron, OH. Through the profoundly intimate portraits of the young men, Finding the Gold Within shows the creativity, resiliency, and deep wisdom that has been cultivated through a 10-year process of mentorship. The film highlights how myth, mentorship, and culturally-specific rites of passage can strengthen underserved youth to face the myriad challenges, inequities, and injustices of our world with self-knowledge, rootedness in spirit, and soulful creativity.
Watch the trailer HERE

Kosmos Journal - Lenox, MA
Kosmos is an international journal and forum committed to tracking the birth of a "new planetary culture" that is aware of our intrinsic interdependence. Featuring dynamic new leaders who embrace a comprehensive approach to change, the bi-annual journal addresses multiple facets of individual, cultural, and global transformation including diversity of cultural values, new spirituality, and global activism. In design and content, Kosmos is a true celebration of beauty.
Emergence: Kalliopeia Gathering, by Steve Nation, Kosmos Journal, Spring.Summer 2010 (pdf)

Krista Tippett Public Productions - Minneapolis, MN
(Fiscal sponsor: The Minneapolis Foundation)
KTPP produces the public radio show On Being, a series of soulful conversations dedicated to the ancient, animating questions of human experience: what does it mean to be human? What matters in a life? What matters in a death? How to love? How to be of service to each other and to the world? Through interviews with sages in a wide range of fields, from the newest scientific frontiers to the most ancient traditions of the human spirit, On Being explores the big questions of life as they manifest in the ecological, political, cultural, technological, and economic dynamics of the 21st century. Conversations that draw forth meaning, moral imagination, and problem-solving across the spectrum of human inquiry make On Being an illuminating exploration of the spiritual and intellectual wisdom that can nourish our common life.
See the On Being Blog

La Plazita Institute - Albuquerque, NM
La Cultura Cura - Culture Heals, is the core principle underlying La Plazita's holistic and diverse programming. LP engages New Mexico's Indigenous, Chicano, and other hybrid communities to draw from their ancestral roots and unique histories, and express traditional values of respect, honor, love, and family. Programs range from spiritual care for incarcerated Native Americans, a living school of traditional Mexican curanderismo healing, pro bono social and legal services, job training, rites of passage and mentorship for youth at risk, and an organic farm and CSA enterprise. A combination of spiritual rootedness, commitment to service, and BTDT ("been there done that") leadership makes La Plazita an extraordinary example of how struggling communities can mobilize deep cultural forces to re-weave the social fabric.
Watch a video of ED Albino Garcia facilitating a T-MAC (Thugs Making a Change) meeting.

Metta Center for Nonviolence - Berkeley, CA
The Metta Center for Nonviolence (TMC) is dedicated to inspiring, educating and supporting the practice of nonviolence. By offering resources, research fellowships, internships, and mentorship programs for young people, TMC aims to support those who have opportunities to model nonviolence but are not yet comfortable using it safely and effectively in their situation. With a core commitment to the principles of service, compassion, and wisdom, TMC works with educators, activists, media agents, and others to shift the prevailing cultural paradigm to one of nonviolence.

Mind & Life Institute - Hadley, MA
MLI's mission is to promote rigorous, multi-disciplinary scientific investigation of the mind in support of contemplative practices that cultivate the mental qualities of attention, emotional balance, kindness, compassion, confidence and happiness. MLI seeks to understand the human mind and the benefit of these practices through an integrated way of knowing that combines first-person knowledge from the world's contemplative traditions with the findings of contemporary neuroscience, psychology, social sciences, and humanities. The resulting body of best practices and interdisciplinary research has helped establish the credibility of mindfulness as a powerfully transformative tool for education, healthcare, veteran care, corrections, and other fields of service.
Watch MLI's introductory video: Exploring the Future of Mind and Life

The Nature Institute - Ghent, NY
The Nature Institute serves as a local, national, and international forum for research, education, and the exchange of ideas about the re-visioning of science and technology in an effort to realign humanity with nature. Inspired by integrative scientists such as Johann Goethe and Rudolf Steiner, the Nature Institute is dedicated to developing qualitative and holistic approaches to understanding nature and technology. Through research, publications, and educational programs, the Nature Institute works to create a new paradigm that embraces nature's wisdom in shaping a sustainable and healthy future.
Read "Learning to See Life,"and"Seeing Nature Whole - A Goethean Approach" by Craig Holdrege.

Nehirim - New York, NY
Nehirim (Hebrew for "lights") is the leading national provider of community programming for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Jews, partners, and allies. Their weekend spiritual retreats and multi-faith advocacy efforts regarding LGBT inclusion transform lives, and engage participants to be agents for change in their home communities. "Our activism is spiritual – we do not focus on policies and procedures, but on opening hearts." In both their immediate communities and in their national advocacy work, Nehirim is helping heal the powerful splits in Western culture between body and spirit, sexuality and spirituality.

The New School at Commonweal - Bolinas, CA
The New School (TNS) is a growing community dedicated to dialogue on a range of issues "for people committed to lives of service." A part of Commonweal, a health, environmental and educational center in Bolinas, California, TNS focuses on emergent values, ideas, and movements across a range of fields. Through an eclectic and carefully-chosen variety of live conversations, art, music and theatre, as well as audio podcasts, TNS is building a resilient community that is global in reach. TNS is dedicated to the creation and nourishment of sustainable ways of living that are grounded in deep wisdom, ethical responsibility, and a connection to the heart across cultures.

Nourishing Networks Central - Redmond, WA
(Fiscal Sponsor: Center for Ethical Leadership)
Kalliopeia provides project support for an innovative experiment in applying network theory to the problem of hunger in King's County, WA. NNC emerged out of the realization that despite many quality organizations working to reduce hunger, a lack of connectedness between them as well as the community at large led to major gaps or unnecessary barriers to access food. NNC responded with a whole systems approach rooted in relationship-building and creating dynamic cross-sector networks. For example, rather than trying to conduct a formal needs assessment that leads to a strategic plan, NNC convenes knowledgeable people from many different sectors of the community to share what they know about the need and the work that is underway. As this network strengthens, participants identify leverage points, opportunities for collaboration, and gaps that need to be filled. In this way hundreds of people from diverse sectors and cultures bring forward their ideas, experience, and resources, resulting in self-organized, self-sustaining opportunities for the community to contribute their knowledge, expertise, and efforts to fill the gaps.

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center - Occidental, CA
For over 35 years the bio-intensive organic gardens and orchards of Occidental Arts (OAEC) have been a source of inspiration and training for thousands of gardeners, farmers and landscapers, many of whom have themselves gone on to train dozens of others. In keeping with their holistic values, Occidental Arts (OAEC) provides thriving programs in biodiversity, arts, and intentional community, as well as community-centered programs around ecological agriculture and food systems, watersheds, and school gardens. Kalliopeia appreciates OAEC's deeply rooted understanding of the interdependence and interconnectedness of these many living systems, and their role in contributing to the education of our local bioregion.
Watch the short video "An Introduction to OAEC"

Open Democracy USA Inc. - Swan Lake, NY
KF provided support for the Transformations section of Open Democracy, an online forum dedicated to the emergence of boundary-breaking solutions in politics, economics and social activism that bring personal and social change together into one, integrated process. Identifying the absence of the qualities of love and compassion from the public sphere as a destructive, defining characteristic of contemporary society, Transformations' core conviction is that love, equality and social justice are the necessary foundations for new forms of politics, economics and social activism. The site tells the stories of people who are combining personal and social change in order to re-imagine their societies, explores the interdependence of inner and outer transformation, and provides a forum to explore how to put these principles into practice.

Pachamama Alliance - San Francisco, CA
The Pachamama Alliance's twofold mission is to preserve the earth's tropical rainforests by empowering the Indigenous Peoples who are its natural custodians, and to contribute to a new global vision of equality and sustainability for all. The Pachamama Alliance believes that our ability to meet the challenges of the new millennium depends on our ability to successfully combine the best elements of modern and Indigenous worldviews into a single global vision, an alloy that blends the intellectual and scientific prowess of the modern world with the deep and ancient wisdom of traditional cultures. Initiated at the request of the Achuar people of Ecuador, the Alliance works in the Amazon to support tribal leaders in strengthening their culture and empowering their ability to stand for and represent their own interests, and in the North to change the collective "dream" from one of exploitation and separation to one of respect and interconnection.
Watch the short video "Awakening the Dreamer"

People's Grocery - Oakland, CA
People's Grocery works in the underserved neighborhood of West Oakland, CA to build a local food system that improves health, provides opportunity, and supports community. Through urban gardens, local farms, low-cost food distribution, educational outreach, youth programs, cooking classes, and a variety of community-building activities, People's Grocery supports a regenerative culture based on connection to the land and sustainable agricultural practices. Whether through ancestral trauma of being forced to work on land or simple lack of opportunity to leave the neighborhood, many marginalized urban residents have a diminished connection to nature, made worse by an unjust food system that does not provide fresh, healthy foods to poorer communities. People's Grocery uses food and community to redress these basic human needs and reconnect people to the ecological cycles that sustain us all.

Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute - Chapel Hill, NC
(Fiscal sponsor: Abundance Foundation) PMEI is an educational farm and sustainability learning center dedicated to healing the human-Earth relationship through Earth literacy and local economy based on the teachings of Thomas Berry, E.F. Schumacher, Richard Louv, and Joanna Macy. Rooted in the belief that the fate of future generations will depend on their connections with the land, the Institute offers educational programs for children, teachers, interns, policy-makers, and clergy that focus on economic, social, and agricultural innovations. Kalliopeia provided project support for the Odyssey Internship Program, an intensive immersion in organic farming and leadership skills based on mutually enhancing relationships between humans and the Earth.
Watch the Introductory PMEI video and Summer 2013 video.
Read the article PMEI: A Learning Model for Green Living

Planting Justice - Oakland, CA
Planting Justice (PJ) is a community-based permaculture organization innovating a vibrant and regenerative model of social change in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. PJ creates green jobs operating a self-sustaining edible landscaping business and uses the profits from these full-paying projects to transform private lawns and public spaces at low or no cost. The transformed garden spaces provide a focal point for community gatherings, access to healthy food, and environmental education. PJ's style of holistic community building through transformation of space, creating economic opportunity, and empowering neighborhoods to grow healthy food – all in the spirit of service – make it a uniquely effective and inspiring organization.

Presencing Institute - Cambridge, MA
The Presencing Institute's work emerged from interdisciplinary research demonstrating that the structure of awareness determines the quality and the outcome of a change process in individuals, organizations, and societies. With this core insight PI was founded to co-create awareness-based social technologies that create deep innovation and profound change across cultures. PI offers resources, education, an international network of changemakers in government, business and civil society, as well as a variety of working groups engaged in applying deeper structures of awareness to critical social and environmental issues.

The Red Shoes - Baton Rouge, LA
The Red Shoes is a women's center that seeks to promote "the recognition of the sacred unity of life" by celebrating and nurturing the inner lives of women. Created as a space for women to gather to share their hopes, spiritual journeys, and personal challenges, the center offers opportunities for spiritual enrichment and personal growth through classes, weekend retreats, and workshops ranging from art to yoga to business management. Programs are designed to connect women's creativity, spirituality, and authenticity in an atmosphere of empowerment and healing.

Regenerative Design Institute - Bolinas, CA
The Regenerative Design Institute (RDI) holds a vision of a world in which people, inspired by nature, enhance fertility and biodiversity on the planet. Rooted in permaculture and wilderness awareness, RDI offers a variety of courses and programs with the conviction that humans can be a positive, healing presence on Earth, and serves as an inspiration of possibility for how people can live in a mutually enhancing relationship with our diverse bioregions.
Watch "Permaculture 101" with Penny Livingston-Stark, cofounder of RDI (below):

Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South - Durham, NC
RCWMS offers a wide variety of programs that approach creativity, spirituality, and social justice with a skillful and feminine approach. Kalliopeia provides general support and has also supported the Elder Women's Spirituality Project and Meinrad Craighead documentary film Meinrad Craighead: Praying with Images. This film offers an introduction to the lifelong pilgrimage of visionary artist Meinrad Craighead and her mystical encounters with the Divine Feminine. Inspired by her own dreams and inner journeys, Craighead's work is characterized by unusual depth, mystery, and beauty, with a focus on images of the Divine Mother and animals as emissaries of the divine.

RSF Social Finance - San Francisco
Kalliopeia's grant to RSF Social Finance is used to support Primordial Tradition (formerly The Peter Kingsley Foundation). Through lectures, publications, and experiential workshops, the work of Primordial Tradition is "to bring back to life, and make accessible again, the extraordinary mystical tradition that lies forgotten right at the roots of the western world." Using the groundbreaking research of scholar Peter Kingsley, Primordial Tradition works with the forgotten but immensely powerful tradition that underlies western civilization and has the power to bring the human being to a direct and immediate experience of life in its depths.
Watch a Global Oneness Project interview with Peter Kingsley
View the trailer for the film, "Finding Our Ancient Wisdom"

Satyana Institute - Boulder, CO
Kalliopeia provides project support for the Gender Reconciliation program, which fosters transformational healing and reconciliation between women and men based on the premise that both are afflicted by gender injustice, and each needs the other for a true and complete healing. Satayana's core conviction is that the gender crisis is a collective spiritual crisis, and that transforming relations between feminine and masculine dimensions of human society is fundamental to creating lasting, positive social change. Through workshops, retreats, and publications, Satyana has developed skillful and transformative ways for women and men to work together to confront gender injustice and foster deep healing.
Read Kosmos Journal's article on Gender Reconciliation.

ServiceSpace (formerly CharityFocus) - Santa Clara, CA
(Grant to RSF Social Finance's "Gift Economy Fund")
Kalliopeia provides funds in support of the Trust-Driven Philanthropy Project, an experimental pay-it-forward model of micro-grantmaking based on trust and the "viral power of the small." The project aims to help catalyze a new kind of philanthropy in which donors and recipients co-create the change they wish to see in the world. By participating equally in the transformative joy of giving, this model breaks down the barriers of grantor and grantee, facilitating a new model of giving based on oneness and trust.
Description of the Trust Driven Philanthropy Project:
Watch a Global Oneness Project interview with Nipun Mehta, a founder of CharityFocus and co-creator of the Trust-Driven Philanthropy Project.
Looking for new and cutting edge ideas and inspiration? Check out the ServiceSpace Blog or subscribe to some of their diverse and interesting newsletters: here.

Seven Pillars House of Wisdom - New Lebanon, NY
Kalliopeia provides support for Seven Pillars, a forum inspired by the tradition of ancient wisdom schools to support the advancement of wisdom in global culture. Through dialogues, seminars, courses of study, and special projects, Seven Pillars aims to galvanize momentum for the emergence of wisdom in such forms as interfaith solidarity, spiritual growth, ecological awareness, and moral culture.

Shalem Center: Abwoon Resource Center - Worthington, OH
Inspired by native Middle Eastern wisdom traditions, the Shalem Center is dedicated to religious understanding and peace. The center publishes and distributes the work of Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, whose acclaimed translations of the Lord's Prayer and Beatitudes from the original Aramaic language highlight the message of universality, interdependence, and care for the cosmos at the heart of Christian and other native Middle Eastern spiritualities. The center organizes outreach and study in the Aramaic prayers, native Middle Eastern spirituality, and interspiritual leadership through retreats, workshops, and seminars.
Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz reciting The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic (Video)

Sophia Institute - Charleston, SC
The Sophia Institute provides a wide range of programs, retreats, and conferences addressing the needs of people engaged in personal and interpersonal transformation. A forum for leading-edge thinkers and teachers in wisdom and spiritual growth, the Sophia Institute is distinguished by its model of spiritual partnership and integration between feminine and masculine values, and its devotion to the "radical wisdom of the heart"that arises from such integration. Kalliopeia provides support for programming and scholarships.

Spirituality & Practice - New York, NY
Spirituality & Practice is an interspiritual website devoted to collecting and creating quality online resources for sincere spiritual exploration. The site's name reflects a basic understanding: spirituality and practice are the two places where all the world’s religions and spiritual paths come together. While respecting the differences among traditions, S&P celebrates what they share in common and curates some of the finest readings, media, and commentary in a diverse, reliable virtual library. S&P also offers online educational platforms for leading teachers of spirituality to create courses and reach wider circles.

Sustainability Leaders Network - Hartland, VT
(Fiscal Sponsor: Buckminster Fuller Institute)
SLN works to develop leadership across business, nonprofit, and government sectors that recognizes and engages with the mutual interdependence of all beings, elements, and actions. Drawing from the principles of systems thinking that align personal and professional roles of leaders, deepen relationships across sectors, countries, and networks, and provide a foundation for meaningful action, SLN cultivates a close-knit network of fellows leading from a consciousness of the sacred interconnectedness of life. SLN builds leadership capacity through a fellowship program, public workshops and trainings, and mentoring to talented young leaders.

Transition US - Petaluma, CA
Transition US is a resource and catalyst for building resilient communities across the United States that are able to withstand severe energy, climate, or economic shocks while creating a better quality of life in the process. Transition US aims to: raise awareness of the need to work together to build resilience in the face of fossil fuel depletion, climate change and economic crises; support the emergence and growth of Transition Initiatives and leaders across the U.S.; support Transition Initiatives in mirroring the cultural and demographic diversity of their communities; and continue developing and delivering high quality education, training, and consulting to advance the Transition Movement in the United States.

Urban Adamah - Berkeley, CA
Urban Adamah ("Adamah" means Earth in Hebrew) is a community organic farm and Jewish environmental education center. Each spring, summer, and fall, the organization selects twelve Urban Adamah Fellows to operate the farm and participate in a three-month residential leadership program. The fellowship integrates organic farming, direct social justice work, and a deep immersion in Jewish spirituality that revitalizes ancient agrarian teachings in a modern context of progressive Jewish learning. As an alternative rite of passage for young Jews, fellows live together, work in internships with local anti-poverty and food security organizations, and teach visitors to the farm about sustainable agriculture. All produce grown on the farm is distributed to communities in need, primarily through local food banks and Urban Adamah's own Free Food Farm Stand.

Wake Forest Divinity School - Winston Salem, NC
Kalliopeia provided project support for the Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative, which supports faith leaders in developing a unifying vision of how their communities can engage with the spiritual, social, and ecological crises of our broken food system. Rooted in the understanding of soil as a physical manifestation of Divine grace, with food being intimately connected to spiritual wellbeing, the initiative supports the deep desire among people of faith to reconnect with the sources of their daily bread, and experience the biblical state of shalom, "that graced state of being that results from a right relationship between God, people, and land." The initiative works with seminarians, congregations, and faith-based nonprofits to engage hearts and hands with crucial issues of food insecurity, food deserts, and the attendant health disparities that confront North Carolina, all in answer to the spiritual call to reconcile with creation.
Read an interview with Fred Bahnson, Director, Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative.

Water Culture Institute - Santa Fe, NM
The Water-Culture Institute (WCI) promotes the sustainable management of rivers, lakes, springs, and groundwater by: applying indigenous wisdom and cultural traditions that respect the rights of nature; studying ethics and value systems related to water management; and encouraging broad-based stakeholder involvement in water decisions. WCI's premise is that the sustainability of water ecosystems requires an ethic that recognizes our sacred responsibility to the Earth. WCI's work includes research, training, activism, and mediation to achieve water management practices that support the health of our planet. Kalliopeia provides support for WCI's Water Ethics Initiative, which applies a "values lens" to water issues and promotes critical dialogue about the values that are guiding behavioral practices.

The Water Research Institute - Blue Hill, ME
Through research and education, the Water Research Institute works to transform attitudes toward water and develop new criteria for the management of water quality based not on the absence of pollutants, but rather upon the positive nature of water itself. WRI's innovative research and observation of water’s natural behavior and the conditions it needs to serve life goes beyond the mechanistic notion of water as an inanimate, inert, and commodifiable substance. WRI contributes to the growing awareness that by studying the intelligence within nature we can learn to evolve efficient, sustainable, and respectful systems of living that serve all of life.

Wilderness Torah - Berkeley, CA
(Fiscal Sponsor: Hazon)
Wilderness Torah is devoted to awakening and celebrating the earth-based traditions of Judaism to nourish the connections between self, community, earth, and Spirit. Through nature-based children's programs, a two-year mentoring program that complements the Bar/Bat Mitzvah rite of passage, wilderness rites of passage for adults, and seasonal festivals, Wilderness Torah cultivates understanding of Judaism's earth-based roots, facilitates spiritual growth, and builds multi-generational community around the sacredness of creation.
Watch Wilderness Torah's introductory video.

Wildflowers Institute - San Francisco, CA
Through a dynamic combination of cultural study, social investment, and grassroots leadership training, Wildflowers is dedicated to "unleashing the inherent power in communities." Wildflowers works with community leaders to uncover the implicit core values within a culture that lead toward greatest social health, unity, and sense of meaning; to make those principles explicit; and to help mobilize them toward effective social change.
"Making Visible the Invisible Power of Community," Article by Hanmin Liu and Jennifer Mei of the Wildflowers Institute.

Women's Earth Alliance - San Francisco, CA
(Fiscal sponsor: Earth Island Institute)
Women's Earth Alliance is a global organization that unites women working on the frontlines of environmental causes through the coordination of resources, training, and technology based on the premise that "when women thrive, communities thrive." WEA's method of networking women around the world at the grassroots level models oneness in action: by joining the technical, social, and spiritual resources of individual women in a dynamic collective, the Alliance empowers each members’ local efforts toward sustainability with the power of the whole.

Women's Earth and Climate Caucus - Mill Valley, CA
Recognizing that women are often the most affected by climate change, and that women are pivotal in systemic change, the Women's Earth and Climate Caucus (WECC) is a multi-faceted collaboration established to engage women worldwide to take action as powerful stakeholders in climate change solutions. WECC offers trainings, forums, and interactive platforms to galvanize the collective will, leadership, and wisdom of women around the world toward issues of climate advocacy and adaptation. WECC is one of few voices representing women at global climate summits, and is informing international debate with their call for an Earth-respecting cultural narrative of "restore, respect, and replenish" to replace the narrative of domination, depletion and destruction of nature.
Women's Earth and Climate Action Network "A Declaration - Women of the World Call for Urgent Action on Climate Change & Sustainability Solutions"

Works & Conversations - Berkeley, CA
Works and Conversations (WC) is a print and online magazine with the goal of exploring artists' experiences and reflections about their own art making. Each issue is a collection of deeply thoughtful interviews with a wide range of social artists, presented in a remarkably beautiful and ad-free format. Besides creating a magazine of rare quality, WC is exceptional in its commitment to the values of the gift economy; since 2007 the magazine and archives have been offered entirely as an experiment in unconditional giving. Embodying the featured artists' passion for a world of transformative beauty, WC's pay-it-forward model is 'a whisper in the ear of the collective, a whisper insisting against the odds that there's another way of encountering this world and each other: generosity."