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Kalliopeia Foundation invites you to attend a small gathering of philanthropic leaders and others interested in a deeper understanding of the nature of water, to hear Jennifer Greene of the Water Research Institute of Blue Hill.

Water's Own Voice: Our Key for Re-envisioning the Future

A Presentation with Jennifer Greene
Founder, The Water Research Institute of Blue Hill

September 4, 2008, San Rafael, CA

Jennifer Greene

Where & When:

Kalliopeia Foundation
San Rafael, CA

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Water has become one of the biggest global challenges of the 21st century. The prevailing view of water underlying California's water policies and almost all national water policies and international agreements, is that water is an economic commodity and is a purely physical element. Yet this view is not shared by indigenous cultures, which perceive water and bodies of water as an element for life imbued with spiritual qualities.

All management of water, be it at the local, regional, national or international level, needs a new starting point: awakening a deeper consciousness of this element for life and thus, kindling a dynamic respect for water. To know water holistically we must become whole knowers. How and what we know and feel about water has a primal impact upon how we act and manage it. We do not defile what we have come to revere.

Please join us at Kalliopeia Foundation for a unique event with Jennifer Greene, Director of the Water Research Institute of Blue Hill. Through slides, demonstrations, and film of seldom seen pictures of water movement and movement forms, Jennifer will give us a unique perspective on acquiring a deeper consciousness of water and its essential nature. A definition of what "good" water is, beyond the absence of pollutants, lies at the foundation of a holistic knowledge of water and is at the heart of all policymaking and management strategies.

Lunch will be provided, so please RSVP to or by calling 415-482-1043 ext.104.

Jennifer Greene is a leading advocate for the nature of water. Her presentations include:

–    Fourth World Water Forum in Mexico City (2006), a full day workshop under the aegis of the Smithsonian Institution: "Do We Need a Broader Science In Order To Understand Water More Fully"
–    Kyoto World Water Forum (2003), "Understanding Water Out of Its Phenomena: New Perspectives and Management Strategies"
–    Second World Water Forum in The Hague (2000),  "Re-Cognizing the Sacred in Water Through Science"

Under her direction, the Water Research Institute in Blue Hill (WRI), Maine carries on research and presents water phenomena workshops around the world. WRI is an incubator for new concepts of good water and operates in association with Theodor Schwenk's Institute for Flow Sciences, in Germany. WRI also works with the Drop Picture Method, developed by Schwenk, which looks at subtle water movements as indicators of water quality.

Water Research Institute

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