From March 17th through 21st, 2010, Kalliopeia Foundation held a gathering for all of its current grant partners and associates, at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, California. We were blessed with not only very fine weather, but the opportunity to be together with a wonderful, inspiring group of people, many of whom would never otherwise find their way to meet one another. Much joy was experienced, much wisdom shared, and much reverence held for the spiritual nature of the life we share with all kingdoms on this Earth.

Below we offer recordings of the various talks given at the gathering. The Gathering Program can be downloaded for further information about the schedule, speakers and themes. We also include a short film about Kalliopeia's grantmaking that was shared during the introduction on the first evening. Last, we include links to articles and blogs that have been written about the gathering.

© Photo montage from the gathering
Photo Credit: Jessica Sargent & Hanmin Liu


If you are interested, please click here to subscribe to a podcast feed of these talks. To simply download, either Control click on a Mac (or right click in Windows).

Wednesday Evening Welcome & Introduction

Barbara Sargent – Kalliopeia Foundation
Joanne Campbell – Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria
Barbara Cushing – Kalliopeia Foundation
Christopher Peters – Seventh Generation Fund
Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee – The Global Oneness Project

Plenary Talks

Chief Oren Lyons – Onondaga Council of Chiefs
Peter Kingsley – The Primordial Tradition
Orland Bishop – ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation
Pir Zia Inayat Khan – Seven Pillars House of Wisdom (Transcript)
Chief Oren Lyons (Saturday) – Onondaga Council of Chiefs
Mary Evelyn Tucker – Thomas Berry Foundation

Keynote Talks

Winona LaDuke – Honor the Earth (Transcript)
Riane Eisler – The Center for Partnership Studies (Transcript)
Parker Palmer – The Center for Courage and Renewal (Transcript)
Hanmin Liu – Wildflowers Institute (Transcript)
Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Mona Polacca, Flordemayo, and Jyoti –
The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Nancy Roof – Kosmos Journal (Transcript)
Sraddhalu Ranade – Dipti Trust-Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Dena Merriam – Global Peace Initiative of Women (Transcript)
Christopher Peters & Tia Oros Peters – Seventh Generation Fund
Nipun Mehta – CharityFocus.org
James O'Dea – Social Healing Project

Articles about the gathering

Emergence: Kalliopeia Gathering, by Steve Nation, Kosmos Journal, Spring.Summer 2010 (pdf)

In Celebration of Emergence, by Louise Diamond

Sacred at the Center, by Nipun Mehta

Short Film

This film presents the voices of several of Kalliopeia Foundationís grant partners whose work offers a transformative vision in these times of unprecedented global challenges. It is our hope that the video will encourage further exploration of the many ways that we can come together to support the flourishing of life on our precious planet Earth. (9 minutes)