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Interview with Peter Kingsley: Remembering What We Have Forgotten

by Richard Whittaker, Works & Conversations, May 21, 2011

Peter Kinglsey: There are lots of people who use the word “challenge” to define what my work is putting on the table–spiritually and philosophically, culturally and historically. But to me it’s all very simple. Most of the problems we have in the West are not due to the fact that at the origins of Western civilization there’s something fundamentally wrong. On the contrary, there’s something infinitely precious at the origins of our civilization. The trouble is that it’s been lost because we started taking it for granted. We’ve gradually let it distort itself and so it keeps on falling down one octave, then another octave of understanding. I don’t really see how anybody on a philosophical, or spiritual, or any other kind of level could object to the challenge to wake up now and take responsibility for what we have been given.
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