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Engineering Bridges That Are Alive

In the northeast of India, the roots of fig trees have been trained for centuries to stop erosion from the flash floods of the Monsoon season and build living bridges that can survive any deluge: Watch video>>

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Conversation: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

Deep Water

by Richard Whittaker; June 13, 2011

Most of us in the west take clean water for granted. And generally we’re equally asleep to the profound role water plays in our lives. In an interview with Sam Bower of greenmuseum.org [issue #18] I brought up the question of water. He mused, “If you think of what we are, I mean we’re made up of cells and each little cell contains a drop of seawater. In some ways, all the little creatures that emerged from the seas found each other, bound together and found a way of collaborating and sharing the recipe over and over with helpful modifications, and here we are today! Every chance we get to replenish that connection to the seas is just a delight. In some way, it’s a reminder of home.” Sam pointed me to Betsy Damon [see issue#19] who has devoted her life to studying water, to creating systems for the restoration of degraded water and to raising consciousness about what she calls living water. “Basically, higher life-forms like water that has gone up and down the mountain ten thousand times,” she says, quoting an old Chinese proverb. Each of us, if we were to look carefully, would find that some of our deepest memories are intimately connected with water. We need to be reminded of this. Continue reading

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Another Aspect of Good Water

by Jennifer Greene, Water Research Institute of Blue Hill, ME

This summer Jennifer is hosting a conference at the Water Research Institute, “Steps Towards Discovering the Intrinsic Nature of Water” with Wolfram Schwenk and David Auerbach – July 31 – August 5, 2011, download the brochure HERE.


The following article presents an unusual perspective on water. This perspective is gaining interest from world water policymakers from UNESCO to the World Water Council. How we conceptualize water affects how we manage it. This is central to the industrial world/indigenous world conflicts and the issues around privatization/public water supplies.


In municipalities all over the US there are unsung heroes and heroines in the environmental movement. They are largely unknown to the populous, they do their work day in and day out, regardless of the season, holidays, weekends; they serve a constant flow that arises out of simply being citizens of life. They are often maligned, for their work is a ‘dirty job”. Their place of work is the last stop for an unending flow of water, where a necessary pause is the stopgap against environmental disaster that the earth and humanity experiences when this is not in place. Continue reading

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Our Commons Future is Already Here

A stirring call to unite the environmental and global justice movement from Maude Barlow. “Every now and then in history, the human race takes a collective step forward in its evolution. Such a time is upon us now.” more>>

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