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World 2.0 – Japan

“Japan should look to satoyama and satoumi for inspiration”. A new article on World 2.0 is posted HERE.

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A Taste of Living Oneness

by Alan Zulch. Alan has been working for the Global Oneness Project and has just recently joined the Kalliopeia staff. He has a deep connection with Japan and with their traditional culture of Satoyama, which can be described as “a place where people and nature harmoniously exist, where biodiversity flourishes, and where the human spirit and creativity thrives.” For more articles, please check out Alan’s blog called Satoyama Spirit.

Earlier this year I had the great pleasure of visiting Jeffrey Irish, a fascinating fellow in southern Japan who, as an American expatriate, is garnering considerable regional renown for his twelve years of residency in a tiny rural Japanese farming village, including two years as village head.

Jeff came to his current position in an equally unlikely way. Following college he got a job with a large Japanese construction company and showed sufficient business acumen to be asked, with two other employees, to start a U.S. branch of the company in New York City, a branch which ultimately grew to 180 employees as he moved up to become vice president.
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