Thoughts on a World in Which Consciousness is Reality

by Rose von Thater-Braan, (Tuscarora/Cherokee), founding director of the Native American Academy.

This is an amazing piece of writing that conveys in a very unique way a taste of what it might be like to experience the world as conscious and alive. Please click here to download the pdf.

“There is a dual challenge in writing about consciousness in English.
They are the writing and the English.
For I must attempt to translate into a noun based language
a world learned, known experiened and described orally
in process-based languages.
To write about consciousness is an experience a friend described
as like talking about talking.
Having accepted the invitation it will now require
the knowledge of everyone I know to help me keep my word.
It is fortunate that in the Native world,
knowledge belongs to the people as a collective.
It is our legacy and is gathered, shared and contributed for the good of all.
So I begin these writings with thanks and gratitude
to all my relations
for their knowledge, wisdom and generosity.”

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