Our Values & Questions

Kalliopeia’s grantmaking program is devoted to supporting nonprofit organizations that are living out a core commitment to the sacred interconnectedness of life across many different fields of work and at different scales. Each organization and individual expresses this differently, yet our grant partners are united by a common thread of service to a wider awakening.

After more than a decade of reflection and learning from our grant partners’ extraordinary work, we are inspired and awed, and continually watching how a consciousness of interdependence emerges from within an increasingly polarized society. The values and questions listed below are some of the most vital in our reflections, and we hold them in a spirit of openness and inquiry.

Holding the Sacred at the Center

  • In secular and pluralistic cultures, how can the intrinsic human reverence for life be authentically expressed?
  • What does it mean to live with an awakened and loving heart?
  • When awareness of the sacred has been lost through cultural design, trauma, or apathy, how is it recovered in individuals and communities?
  • How can an understanding of the sacredness of Mother Earth be restored in worldviews that separate spirit and matter? How can post-modern cultures respectfully learn from Indigenous and other worldviews that honor Earth as the living, animate source of our lives?

The Re-emergence of Feminine Values

  • When a culture overvalues competition, aggression, and individualism, how are the values associated with the feminine restored – values like empathy, building relationship, protection of living things, and caring for the future?
  • How is the re-emergence of feminine values, or a stronger awareness of the Divine Feminine, contributing to a shift in humanity’s relationship to Earth, self, community, culture, and consciousness?
  • The future is being born through us. We are called to give birth to something as-yet unseen and unknown. What is required of individuals and communities to facilitate this manifestation, this emergence?


  • How do individuals “connect soul and role,” and harmonize who they are with what they do? How can individual authenticity contribute to the rebuilding of communities?
  • What is the relationship between authenticity, integrity, community building, and global healing?
  • When something or someone has been exiled to the individual or collective shadow, what is the path to healing and individual and collective wholeness? How do we as people and communities form honest connections to those who have been marginalized, locked away, or made invisible? To whom are we accountable? What does accountability really mean?
  • What is the real meaning of service, and how does it affect individuals, communities, and the planet?

Emergent Ways of Living

  • What are the ancient and perennial laws, the spiritually present Original Instructions, by which humankind might peacefully live?
  • What helps the evolution and nurturing of spiritually vibrant, culturally centered communities? What keeps these vital?
  • How do reverential, resilient, and respectful systems of living evolve – both locally and globally – that are harmonious with nature?
  • How do these systems interact with current ways of living that are destructive to nature?

“Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without
even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke