Kalliopeia Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation that contributes to the evolution of communities and cultures that honor the unity at the heart of life’s astounding diversity. Through our grantmaking we seek to strengthen a collective recognition of the oneness of humanity.


Kalliopeia’s Way

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Kalliopeia Foundation is dedicated to supporting deeply holistic organizations and projects in a wide variety of fields that awaken us to our interdependence with one another and with the Earth. We seek to join with others in the work of honoring our Earth, its peoples, creatures, and plants, and re-aligning our systems of living to be in accord with the principles of reverence, resilience, reciprocity, and respect for all life.


Our Name

In mythology, Kalliopeia (Calliope) is first of the nine Greek muses. As daughters of Zeus, king of the gods, and Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, the muses are symbols of the intuitions and faculties of the higher self that call on us “to remember.”